Written by: Erin Loader

Crunchy. Juicy. Low tannin. Light bodied.

These are all attributes you can find in red wines that can be enjoyed with a nice chill on them.

It’s no secret that North Americans tend to drink our red wines too warm and our white wines too cold, and while we’re firm believers that you should enjoy your wine how you like it best, we also believe that if you haven’t enjoyed a light bodied, low tannin, juicy, crunchy red wine with a good chill on it, that you’re definitely missing out! 

So, if you’re interested in jumping on the chilled red train, let’s start by unpacking what the above attributes mean and then move into some suggestions of wines that are sure to fit the bill.

  1. Crunchy (/ˈkrən-chē/), an adjective meaning to have a hard texture or to be pleasantly crisp, like how an apple makes a sharp noise when bitten or crushed. The opposite of soft and mushy. Obviously we can’t bite our wine, but we can definitely all relate to this sensation when sipping on a crisp, fresh wine. 
  1. Juicy (/jü-sē), another adjective meaning to having a lot of juice. For example, a perfectly ripe strawberry or cantaloupe. 
  1. Low Tannin (/ta-nən), a noun referring to the drying effect that is found in wine due to it’s contact with grapes skins, and sometimes, oak barrels. When we say that there are low tannins in a wine, we mean that this effect is very minimal. Grapes that have thicker skins, think Cabernet Sauvignon, Sagrentino or Nebbiolo, have naturally high tannin; grapes with thin skins, like Pinot Noir, Gamay or Frappato have naturally low tannins.
  1. Light Body (/bä-dē), body is another noun and in wine is refers to how heavy, or in this case how light, a wine feels in our mouthes, we take into account the texture and richness of the wine. For example, an oaked Cabernet Sauvignon that has spent a lot of time on it’s skins will feel quite heavy and full, while an unoaked white wine with no skin-contact will feel feather-light, especially by comparison. Red wine grapes with thin skins that have had short maceration periods will also be quite light, these wines often walk the line between being considered dark rosés.

I personally LOVE this style of fruit-driven, refreshing wine and drink it year round, but if you’ve never tried it before, we’re in the prime season for it! Especially if the meal you’re planning to have calls for a red pairing, but it’s plus 28 degrees celsius and you’re craving something cold and thirst-quenching. 

You might be thinking, just how chilled is chilled, and the answer is, as chilled as you like! And the beauty of it all is, if you chill is a bit more than you find you like, the rest of the bottle will come up to temperature really quickly in this heat. So grab one of our suggestions below today and take this here-to-stay trend for a spin!


Weingut Meiser 2021 ‘Weinheimer Hölle’ Spätburgunder Trocken – Rheinhessen, Germany $28.95

Spätburgunder is Pinot Noir from Germany, and this deliciously fruit-forward offering from the Meiser family is a perfect option if you are looking for examples that showcase fully ripe berry fruit as opposed to the barnyard/earthy styles that some Pinot Noirs can fall under. Pair this with poultry, salmon or trout over salad, or in the heat of the moment you could hold it in the fridge for 20 – 30 minutes to add to its refreshing qualities.

Henri Pion 2021 Signature Pinot Noir – Languedoc-Roussillon, France $27.95

This Pinot Noir comes from two distinct terroirs; one is higher, at around 300m above sea-level, the other is more maritime and windy. The resulting wine is fresh and easy drinking with notes of cherry, blackberry and earthy mushroom. The tannins are fine and the finish is dry, with a dusting of all-spice.

Domaine De Colette 2022 Beaujolais-Villages Coteaux De Colette – Beaujolais, France $29.95

Domaine de Colette is a family run winery, now helmed by its 3rd generation, Pierre-Alexandre. In 2020 they began their conversation to organic agriculture. The Beaujolais-Village Coteaux de Colette comes from Gamay vines that are more than 60 years-old, perched on the hillside slopes that enjoy sunny days and cool nights. The nose and palate are harmonious with notes of juicy cherries, field strawberries and a hint of rose. With vibrant acidity and velvety tannins, this is a perfect summer red for BBQ.

Maison Perret 2021 Mont Blanc Gamay – Savoie, France $26.95

Nestled in the heart of the French Alps, the Perret family has been settled in the village of Jongieux (Savoie, France) since 1927. Three generations later, they are producing some of the top wines of the region. Elegant, fresh and fruity, this 100% Gamay is bursting with notes of raspberries and plums and a hint of violet. Try it with some tasty Comté cheese!

Bernabeleva 2021 Camino De Navaherreros Tinto – Madrid, Spain $26.95

Camino de Navaherreros is a blend of different plots featuring the best from different soils and exposures. Scattered among the plots of vines there are outcrops of juniper, thyme and rosemary that lend a vibrant savoury note to the wine. Full of spicy raspberry and cherry, with a bright rose petal accent on the nose. On the palate, racy red fruit, spice, mineral, and brisk acidity meld together into a beautiful expression of no-frills, old-vine Garnacha.

Nicosia 2021 Fondo Filara Frappato – Sicily, Italy $27.95

Frappato could possibly be the best grape you’ve never heard of! Found in the southern reaches of Sicily this light-bodied red is both lively and soft, oozing with notes of fresh raspberry and blueberry. All of that fruit is balanced with earthy and clove notes and a long bright finish. This perfect movie-night sipper is also organic and vegan!